Travel Money – A powerful app to manage group expenses

Travel Money has some powerful features for keeping track of expenses you may split when traveling with a group of people. It supports multiple currencies and spending statistics. Read this article to determine whether it will help you stay on track of expenses on your next trip!

Travel Money App

Travel Money helps alleviate the frustration of keeping track of group expenses with a smartphone app. You start by entering Participants or contacts plus you can attach an email address to a contact for easy emailing later.

Once all parties are entered for a particular trip you add payments responsible parties made. For example, if you paid for the flights for you and three buddies, you’ll enter the total cost then the app will evenly divide the cost- or you can opt to manually change the ratio as you see fit. If the sums are not proportionately correct the app will alert you with three actions to proceed; shift to an empty party (if applicable), offset all parties or reset amounts.

Travel Money also supports currency conversions- say if you’re vacationing in London with friends and pay for everyone’s food in pounds it’ll calculate the appropriate amount each party should return to you in your native currency. Once data is entered there, of course, is a section for detailed stats which can be filtered or shared via email to participants as a summary along with CVS spreadsheet. Lastly, there is a novel feature to see payments filtered on a world map. My only gripe about the app is that it is sluggish to operate; whether saving data or navigating the interface it’s not as responsive as it should be.

If you ever have the need to conveniently track group expenses from your mobile then Travel Money can surely help with that. Hopefully the sluggishness of the overall app is repaired soon as it has powerful features to manage simple or more advanced expenses.

The Travel Money app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.