Essential Features

  • 5 stage study system (Untested / Studying / Right 1x / 2x / 3x / Learned)
  • Progress tracked across ALL sets, no need to start over in each set
  • Kana, Romaji (or Both) reading display
  • 50,000+ Example Sentences
  • English or Japanese display for flashcards, study either direction
  • Browse Mode for when you’re just looking
  • Study Mode for when you keep score

Why Is Japanese Flash Better?

  • Dictionary searchable in English, Japanese or Romaji
  • Give us feedback when a card is “off” – we’ll fix it!
  • Supports multiple users, for sharing the app – not your scores!
  • List of sets is searchable
  • Fast data engine for all set sizes
  • Fire, Water & Tame visual themes with mood icon mascot
  • Developers you can contact

More About the Sets

Most Japanese flip card apps ONLY give you Japanese Language Proficiency Test words/kanji and charge as much as Japanese Flash! On top of JLPT N1, N2, N3 and N4 we give you 180 useful sets! Here are some of our most popular ones…

  • Common Words (11 sets, 23,000+ words)
  • Phrases & Expressions (26 sets, 10,000+ words)
  • Specialist Terminology (24 sets,13,000+ words)
  • Foreign Loan Words (15 sets, 2500+ words)
  • Onomatopeia (600+ words)
  • Japanglish / Wasei Eigo (600+ words)
  • Japanese Slang (300+ words)
  • Drinking Words (40+ words)